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Thu, Nov 12, 20
Mini Stress Relieving Meditation

Take a minute today to complete this mini meditation, and allow yourself to relax. Relaxation increases your energy levels and allows for a calmer and clearer mind.

Tue, Jul 14, 20
Ice Cream Doodle

Let go for a moment, take out a pen/pencil and paper, and learn how to doodle an ice cream. This can be a good way to relieve stress and escape your mind. It’s also a skill that may come in handy one day!

Tue, Jul 14, 20
5 Pressure Points for Anxiety Relief

Take care of yourself today! You can start by massaging the pressure points on your body as seen in the video above. This should relieve any tension you have in your body and help you feel relaxed.

Tue, Jul 14, 20
Beautiful Sunrise Animation

One day this week, plan on waking up before the sunrises, going to a scenic view point, and watching the sun rise. This will help wake up your mind and body, elevate your energy levels, and give you motivation for the day.

Tue, Jul 14, 20
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