Find clarity with L-theanine and reset with Ashwagandha. These natural adaptogens replicate the same effects of meditation.

L-theanine (aka the zen master)

Found naturally in green tea. This nootropic clears the mind and eases tension.

ashwagandha (aka the guru)

Ancient Ayuverdic root from India. Provides calm alertness, centers the mind, and induces relaxation.

lion's mane (aka the smart shroom)

This mushroom has been used for years in Japanese medicine and is recognized for providing balance and improving focus.

ginseng (aka the king of herbs)

Ancient herb discovered in China. This adaptogenic herb delivers a harmonious lift, bringing brightness to your day.

chaga (aka the chill mushroom)

This mushroom provides vitality and enhances overall wellness.

reishi (aka the mushroom of immortality)

This mushroom provides calmness and helps you unwind.