Hibiscus Water For Well-Being

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What is hibiscus water?

Hibiscus is a plant that is grown in Africa, Asia, Mexico and Central America. The hibiscus is an edible plant that is commonly used for brewing teas and being added to different beverages. Hibiscus water is a combination of placing dried calyxes from the flower into cold or hot water. This makes tea or flavored water that is healthy and used for different medicinal purposes. The part of the hibiscus used in drinks is called calyces which are the sepals of the flower that have a bright red color. These have antioxidant properties and also give hibiscus water its beautiful deep color. The hibiscus has a tangy fruity flavor much like cranberry juice which is both tart and sweet. Hibiscus tea and hibiscus are essentially the same thing but one is steeped and served in hot water like a tea and the other is soaked in cold water and served as a chilled beverage.
benefits of hibiscus tea

Benefits of hibiscus tea and water

Hibiscus tea has a lovely deep red color that is fragrant and fruity. Most people drink it for its delightful taste as well as its medicinal qualities. It is often mixed in with adaptogen beverages to round out the healthful qualities of these drinks and provide a lovely color and delicious flavor.

The health benefits of hibiscus tea include:

Anti-inflammatory properties

The hibiscus water benefits include reducing inflammation in parts of the body that could cause other health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. When used in adaptogen drinks, the combination of anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients can help with reducing the stress that eventually leads to many health problems.

Could regulate cholesterol in the body

Hibiscus drink benefits also include balancing out the three types of cholesterol in the body so the good cholesterol is maintained but the bad cholesterol is reduced. This leads to a reduction in health problems such as heart disease.

Could regulate blood pressure

More health benefits of hibiscus include lowering blood pressure. High blood pressure is also known as hypertension and causes blood pressure to rise in the arteries. This then put more stress on the heat and can lead to heart attack and stroke. Hibiscus water can help reduce some mild forms of hypertension and keep heart disease at bay if taken regularly.  

Could help with regulating blood sugar

The best adaptogen drinks contain CBD, hibiscus and other beneficial compounds that can work together to help regulate blood sugar in diabetics. Studies have shown that drinking hibiscus tea or water can help control the blood sugar levels in the system and reduce symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.

Could improve liver health

benefits of hibiscus tea
The detoxifying enzymes in hibiscus tea can really help after a night of drinking because it flushes out the liver. Studies have shown a reduction in liver damage and liver failure in test subjects when they were exposed to hibiscus tea.

Removes bacteria

Hibiscus tea can help fight off bacteria in the body that can cause a whole host of health problems including urinary tract infections, yeast infections and bronchitis. Studies have shown that hibiscus is able to fight off bacteria like e-coli.

Contains vitamins

Hibiscus contains vitamin C which is a vitamin often taken to prevent colds and the flu as well as Vitamin K which aids in bone metabolism and helps with blood clotting. Other vitamins in hibiscus include copper and potassium which helps regulate the nervous and immune systems.

Helps with weight loss and reduces cravings

When you are trying to lose weight, pour yourself a cup of hibiscus tea to ward off any cravings you may have during the day. Studies have shown that sipping on hibiscus tea regularly can help regulate body fat and reduce the sugar cravings that come with dieting.

Helps fight cancer

Hibiscus is chock-full of polyphenols, compounds that have anti-cancer properties. In some studies, hibiscus was shown to reduce the growth of cells and help stop mouth cancer as well as prostate cancer and stomach cancer growth.

Helps with digestion

health benefits of hibiscus tea
Hibiscus tea can pull the salt from the body after eating a rich meal while keeping you hydrated. It is the perfect drink for after dinner and before bed because there is no caffeine in the hibiscus so it won't keep you awake. It will make your body feel less bloated and uncomfortable, creating the perfect conditions for a good night's sleep.
There are many benefits of hibiscus tea and water, so it makes sense to stock up on this delicious flower.

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