Our Story

Hi, I’m Aisha…

…and I’m Faheem

We’re the founders of Moment
(we’re also husband and wife… shhh…)

We were both living hectic lives and
our minds were frazzled.

Endless meetings. To dos. Notifications.

We wanted to press pause on all of that
and take a Moment away from the noise.

We have been meditating for years
and found it incredible.
Not only did it help us manage stress,
but it brought out our best, most productive and creative selves.

Meditation is tough.
We get it.
We created Moment so that you can get
some of that feeling,
without all of that work.

We researched hundreds of different ingredients from all around the world.
Many of them, inspired by our global heritage,
all backed by science,
And super healthy.

And then we squeezed it all into a can
that embodies this feeling.

So, go on - give yourself a break.
You’ll feel renewed and ready to take on the world.
This is your Moment.

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