5 reasons why moment is the perfect replacement for booze

1,380+ 4,9 star reviews

This adaptogenic, nootropic blend will have you ready to party on Saturday without the hangover on Sunday.

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natural adaptogens to boost your mood

Moment is packed with ancient adaptogens ashwagandha and L-theanine to help lower cortisol levels, fight stress, improve mental clarity, calm the mind, and boost the mood with every sip.


refreshing, natural flavors

We combine botanicals, spices, flowers, and real fruits to bring you both still and sparkling flavors inspired by ancient wellness beverages from around the world. We love tropical mangos, summer blueberries, sweet cherries, floral hibiscus, calming jasmine, and more!


packed with only the good stuff

Moment has no added sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine, and no artificial junk. With 20 calories per can or less, and between 1-3g of net carbs, you can enjoy your Moment guilt-free!



no more hangover and bloat

Say goodbye to hangover, headaches, and bloat. It's time to improve your sleep quality and wake up every morning feeling light, refreshed, and ready to take on the world!


thousands of happy customers

Thousands of customers are sharing the impact Moment is having on their lives and their health through reduction of alcohol and sugar intake.

loved by thousands of customers

the perfect beverage

“The perfect nightcap: I love that they’re caffeine-free and non-alcoholic.”

Danielle P.

verified customer

absolutely delicious

“Moment is the first alcohol replacement I've found that I actually love.”

Kate D.

verified customer

no more hangover

"I was a beer or wine drinker after work to take the edge off and no more now I have Moments."

Liam W.

verified customer

1,380+ 4,9 star reviews

mixed variety pack - 24 cans

Find your favorite flavor of calm with our bestselling still and sparkling flavors.

Our adaptogenic, nootropic blend will have you ready to party on Saturday without the hangover on Sunday.

What’s included?

4x still blueberry ginger

4x still blood orange ashwagandha

4x still spiced mango

4x sparkling cherry hibiscus

4x sparkling plum ginseng

4x sparkling lychee mint


still flavors

spiced mango

Brighten up your day the Miami way with sunny mango and aromatic spices. The vitamin boost your morning needs with tropical fruits, a hint of cinnamon, and fresh ginger.

blood orange ashwagandha

Enjoy the punch of citrus combined with earthy notes of thyme and rooibos. This citrus booster is perfect for when you need to refresh and reset. 

blueberry ginger

Skip the sugar for a refreshing sip. Made with sweet blueberries, antioxidant-packed ginger, and herbal jasmine tea, it's just what your need to unwind after a busy day.

sparkling flavors

lychee mint

Add some magic to your evening with sweet and floral lychee and a hint of fresh, summer mint. It's your favorite beach day cocktail, without the hangover.

cherry hibiscus

Sweet and spiced, cherry hibiscus knows how to bring the flavor. Hibiscus tea is sweetened with bright black cherries and a dash of cinnamon to balance an intense day.

plum ginseng

Sweet plums layer flavors of earthy ginseng, zesty orange peel, and tart rhubarb. Find mental clarity with ancient adaptogen ginseng, it's just what you need to beat that afternoon slump.

better than booze

Whether you're out on a Friday, or in for work during the week. Our adaptogenic mocktails are perfect to unwind, without the hangover.

perfect alcohol alternative

Find clarity with L-theanine and reset with calming ashwagandha.

mood enhancer

Fresh florals and complex herbs to promote wellness and boost your mood.

no junk

Made with absolutely no added sugar, no caffeine, and artificial flavors.