better than booze

Natural adaptogens calm your mind and improve your mood.

"Great for taking time to de-stress"

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"Pairs anxiety-reducing adaptogens"

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"Provides a much-needed sense of calm"

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Fresh florals, complex herbs, tart fruits - need we say more?

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Skip the wine, we’ve got the calming power of ashwagandha on our side (and in our sips). 

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Green tea’s secret weapon. This nootropic brings improved focus and less brain fog to every sip.

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no added sugar

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no caffeine

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low calorie

still variety 18-pack

Find your favorite flavor of calm with three bestselling non-carbonated flavors. Flavors rotate seasonlly and include:

✨ refreshing fruits like tropical mangos, Meyer lemons, and delicious blueberries

✨ healthy botanicals such as ginger, jasmine and hibiscus

✨ adaptogens such as ashwagandha, tulsi, Chaga, and L-theanine 

No Added Sugar ‚Äď All Natural
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