Cans of 'Moment' sparkling adaptogens and botanical drinks in various flavors, with a hand holding the lemon turmeric flavor.

3,030 Reviews

cutting back on booze? meet our brand new summer variety pack

Enjoy stress relief and mental clarity in a delicious, all-natural beverage.

Relieves stress

Boosts your mood

Clears your mind

Brand new flavor - Summer Mango Chili

Shop our new summer variety pack for a limited time! 


"Great for taking time to de-stress"

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"Pairs anxiety-reducing adaptogens"

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"Provides a needed sense of calm" 

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benefits of daily use

Cans of 'moment' sparkling adaptogens & botanical drinks in assorted flavors and colorful designs.

Improve clarity and focus

Reduce mind and body stress

Unwind with no hangover

Get better sleep quality

Support gut health

No empty calories

clarity and calm in a can

Pile of ashwagandha roots against a gradient yellow-pink background.



This adaptogen has been used for years to boost brain function, lower cortisol levels, and help fight stress.

A pile of green powder with leaves against a gradient background.



This natural nootropic improves focus and mental clarity, while reducing stress and brain fog.

Bright pink hibiscus flower with a yellow-orange gradient background.



Antioxidant-rich botanicals help fight stress, support gut health and strengthen immune functions.

Icon depicting a crossed-out window with broken glass panes.

no added sugar

Icon depicting a coffee bean with a prohibition sign over it.

no caffeine

Icon indicating 'No Alcohol' with a bottle and a glass crossed out.

no alcohol

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no artificial flavors

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no junk ingredients

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gmo free

3,030+ 4.9 star reviews

summer mixed variety 18-pack

Find your favorite go-to mocktail flavor for summer with our new mixed still & sparkling variety pack.

This limited edition Summer Mixed Variety 18-pack features our NEW sparkling spiced mango flavor, for a limited time!

"This is the best non alcoholic beverage I’ve ever had!!! On ice with tajin it’s amazing" - Morgan P, Customer

Relieves stress

Boosts your mood

Clears your mind

New flavor - sparkling mango chili

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meet our new summer variety pack

Can of Moment mango chili sparkling drink with a mango slice and chili pepper against a red background.

sparkling mango chili

Sparkling botanical water

Sweet, juicy mangos meet a subtle spicy chili kick for a taste explosion that's as bold as it is delicious... It's your new favorite go-to mocktail to spice up hot summer days.

Can of Cherry Hibiscus sparkling adaptogen drink with cherries and hibiscus flower.

sparkling cherry hibiscus

sparkling cherry hibiscus

Sparkling botanical water

Sweet and spiced, cherry hibiscus knows how to bring the flavor. Hibiscus tea is sweetened with bright black cherries and a dash of cinnamon to balance an intense day.

A can of Moment lychee mint sparkling drink, with mint leaves and lychee fruits beside it.

sparkling lychee mint

Sparkling botanical water

Add some magic to your evening with sweet and floral lychee and a hint of fresh, summer mint. It's your favorite beach day cocktail, for all of the fun and none of the hangover.

Can of Moment plum ginseng drink with ginseng root and fresh plums against a pink background.

sparkling plum ginseng

Sparkling botanical water

Sweet plums layer flavors of earthy ginseng, zesty orange peel, and tart rhubarb. Find mental clarity with ancient adaptogen ginseng, it's just what you need to beat that afternoon slump.

Can of Moment Tulsi Lemon drink with a lemon half and leaf against a blue background.

still tulsi lemon

Still botanical water

The light, bright, and refreshing boost your morning needs. Swap the sugary lemonade for naturally sweet and tart meyer lemon, earthy tulsi, and gut-friendly ACV.

A can of Moment blueberry ginger drink with fresh ginger and blueberries on a purple background.

Still blueberry ginger

Still botanical water

Skip the sugar for a refreshing sip and all the amazing benefits of blueberries, ginger and adaptogens. Made with the sweetness of blueberries and the kick of ginger combined with herbal jasmine tea, it's just what your morning routine needs.


everyone's taking a moment

Woman smiling at camera, holding a pink beverage can, with minimal background detail.

“The perfect nightcap: I love that they’re caffeine-free and non-alcoholic.”

Danielle P

Verified Buyer

Woman smiling and holding a can of drink outdoors.

“Moment is the first alcohol replacement I've found that I actually love.”

Kate D.

Verified Buyer

Smiling man holding a pink can with the text 'moment' outdoors.

"I was a beer or wine drinker after work to take the edge off and no more now I have Moments."

Liam W.

Verified Buyer

switch from booze to botanicals today

Three colorful cans of 'moment' beverage with a gradient background.


Three colorful cans of 'moment' beverage with a gradient background.


calming & reduces stress

impairs cognitive function

supports immune system

increases cortisol stress

supports immune system

weakens immune system

low calorie, no added sugar

no nutritional value

improve sleep & digestion

negatively affects sleep

no hangovers

causes hangovers

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