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We get it. It’s a hectic world out there. Whether it’s running from the office to the school run, juggling a thousand tasks in one, or simply dealing with your hectic inbox, it gets overwhelming. Luckily for you, Moment is proud to bring you a drink that calms you and makes the workload a little easier to deal with. It might not delete those emails for you, but you’ll feel back at 100% and ready to deal with whatever life hands you. It’s time for a revolution in your daily to-dos!

Drink Your Meditation

A hectic mind and frazzled soul is good for no one. That’s why our founder, Aisha, leveraged her own extensive culinary experience and first-hand experience with a daily schedule that never seemed to end to create an anti-anxiety drink with a difference.
calming drinks
We all know we ought to be bringing more mindfulness practice in our daily lives. Not only does mindfulness help us to control our stress better, but it’s also a great way to bring our most productive and creative selves to the fore. For many of us, however, it just feels like another task on the to-do list. And that’s hardly the point!
Moment, your unique meditation drink, is here to help you access many of those benefits in a simple self-care moment you can enjoy wherever you are.

A Unique Drink with Adaptogens

Moment was born from intensive research of hundreds of ingredients with a proven track record of relieving stress and helping the body shake off its side effects to perform at its best. Many are inspired by Aisha’s own South Asian upbringing. Science-backed, natural, and healthy, this is a stress relief drink with a difference.
Think of it as sheer goodness in a can!

What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens lie at the heart of this calming drink, but what are they? They’re a unique class of herbal remedy that helps the body achieve homeostasis, a calm center of being no matter what life throws at you. They help you adapt to stress within the body, taming it and reworking it to something productive and energetic instead. In doing so, they also help prevent the damaging oxidative stress effects, keeping your body healthier and happier.
calming drinks

Tell Me More About Moment’s Ingredients?

L-theanine helps calm overactive nerves. In fact, you’ve probably seen it as a staple ingredient of many natural sleep remedies. Don’t worry, though- you won’t go to sleep with Moment! You find this wonder ingredient in green tea naturally, too. It helps lower overactive cortisol levels and calm your nerves, restoring your sense of clarity and  inner Zen. 
Ashwagandha is a well-known herb originating from South Asia, with documented effects on calming the brain, boosting clear thought, reducing swelling and lowering blood pressure, as well as helping the immune system deal with stress.

Burnout: The Hidden Killer

Hectic corporate environments may like to sell you the idea of stress as a good thing, but science tells us how very damaging it can be in the long-term to our health and well-being. More of us are suffering from burnout than even suspect it. Do you feel chronic stress and exhaustion? Are you always running low on energy, bogged down with negative feelings about your work and responsibilities? Are even your simplest daily tasks suffering from reduced efficiency and a lack of motivation? Then you, too, may be staring down the barrel of Burnout.
Stress drains your body, even when you don’t realize it. It lowers your immune response, leaving you susceptible to illness. It makes your body unable to respond to situations appropriately, either sending you into a panic-driven adrenaline cascade at the silliest things, or leaving you numb and dull even when you long to be happy and emotional. And it leaves long-term damage on our bodies that we will feel for decades to come. 

Take Your Moment

The science-backed, all-natural ingredients in Moment will help you blunt these damaging stress responses without squishing your inner sparkle, restoring your inner serenity and helping you to reconnect with what really matters. It’s a little bit of self-care you can easily build into your day, and the perfect way to take a break and restore your inner balance.
calming drinks
It’s time to give yourself a break. Feel renewed and ready to take on the world. It’s your moment to shine! 

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