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What’s better than a stress relief drink that can help you make the very most of your hectic day? One that tastes great, too! Moment is proud to introduce our delicious Blueberry Ginger flavor. Why not let this tongue-tingling meditation drink work with you today?

Beat the Caffeine Slump

Many of us turn to energy drinks and coffee to try to prop ourselves up and squeeze some more action into our packed days. But too much caffeine is bad for the body. Not only can it be habit-forming, it can also cause headaches, sleep issues, and lead to jangling nerves and restlessness. The last thing your overstressed body needs! Over time, you’re only hurting your body further and further. Luckily, we have the perfect solution.
Moment’s blueberry and ginger is an alternative to caffeine that your body will thank you for. A healthy energy drink that nurtures and supports your body? Yes please!
alternatives to coffee for energy

Long Term Stress is Bad for the Body

Our flight-or-fight instincts evolved to protect us, giving us the spurt of adrenaline we need to run away from danger or push through a stressful situation. Modern life has changed dramatically from our primitive roots, however. Today we feel that same sense of panic over traffic, deadlines, and trying to juggle too many roles in one. And it just comes and comes, building every day. 
And when our bodies experience that stress response over and over again, things start to go wrong. Not only does it profoundly affect our mental health, leading to depression, anxiety, and anhedonia, but it also does oxidative damage that ruins our health too. Our hearts and cardiovascular system take stress, our blood pressure gets too high, and you can even be left at risk of heart attacks and strokes. Not to mention sleepless nights that bring no restoration, and a run-down body that’s all-too-susceptible to illness, running our health into the ground.

Introducing Adaptogenic Ingredients

Luckily for us, nature’s bounty has a solution that’s backed by science, too. Adaptogenic herbs help you modulate that inappropriate stress response, keeping your nerves steady, soothing your stressed mind, and helping you better manage that stress for productivity, instead of bad health.
The Moment collection leverages the soothing power of l-theanine to help your body better manage stress. This natural amino acid soothes your nerves, promoting an alpha-wave state that stays cool and calm no matter what life throws at you. Add the power of Ashwagandha, a brain-boosting adaptogen that helps boost the immune system, lower inflammation, and keep your brain feeling its best. Moment is a healthy drink with a difference- a little mindfulness moment in a can! 
alternatives to coffee for energy

The Caffeine Alternative Your Body Craves

This stress-busting synergistic balance is achieved without stimulants, too. While stimulants can give you a momentary pick-me-up, they take their toll over time, and worsen the effects of stress on your already-tired body. This caffeine alternative drink instead nurtures your body and heals the damage stress leaves behind. It’s a 0% sugar energy drink with no artificial flavors, just the very best Mother Nature has to offer in a perfect (and super-convenient) blend.

The Drink with Adaptogens You Can Trust

An adaptogen drink that will leave you performing at your best? What more could you want? How about a delicious burst of flavor that tastes wickedly good? The tart crispness of blueberries, packed with antioxidants for the best possible health, and the soothing undertone of ginger, helping keep your stomach happy and adding pep to your step.  You’ll fall in love from the very first sip!

Try the Moment Range

Remember that any drink with adaptogens will get to work straight away, but will also build up to a peak over time as the ingredients get to work for you and your health. That’s why we’ve taken great care to bring you a range of exceptional flavors that will suit any mood. The Moment Blueberry and Ginger flavor is a cornerstone of the range, but there’s plenty more to try, too! Each packed with the goodness you need to be your best, no matter what life throws at you.
Why not start your daily self-care meditation in a can with this unique flavor today? You’ll feel better than ever, knowing you’re feeding your body and soothing your stress in one flavorful burst of pure goodness.

Faheem is a 4x VC-backed consumer founder and has raised more than $15m for prior startups. He was also a consultant with McKinsey & Company, where he specialized in growth. 

He is a co-founder at Moment and at Seen, a social media startup that is funded by the founders of Twitter, Twitch, and leading Silicon Valley investors. 

In his spare time Faheem’s hobbies include running, meditation, reading, travel, videography.

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